I thought Stage 2 Smile charged a very reasonable rate.  Debbie went above and beyond my expectations.  She also kept my taste in mind, making the house look nicer, but without making it uncomfortable for me.  I was very impressed, and would recommend her to anyone. – Chris Barnes


Debbie went the extra mile to accommodate a client.   She brought in color, variety and a finished look to complement the original furnishings of the house.  I plan on referring her to future clients who could benefit from her professional assistance.  – Jeannie Chang


Thank you for the wonderful work you did in staging our home. The rooms seem much more spacious now and your positioning of the furniture has opened up new spaces for new uses. I have always enjoyed making rooms more beautiful, but you have the ability to do not only that, but to re-imagine them in new arrangements…  We are seeing our home with new eyes and fresh appreciation thanks to your gifts.  We enjoyed working with you and appreciated your cheerful and enthusiastic help.  – Barbara and Krishna Sinha


I am writing to recommend Debbie Campbell and her company, Stage 2 Smile, LLC, for professional home staging when selling your home.  In June 2012, I hired Debbie to assist me to clean out an incapacitated client’s home, located in Blacksburg, Virginia, and to stage the home because I was preparing it for sale… She did an excellent job of selecting and displaying items of furniture throughout the home that demonstrated its spaciousness and beauty to potential buyers…  She was always professional and courteous… I was extremely pleased with her work and work ethic — she works very hard.  Furthermore her fee was very reasonable.  The house looked much better when she finished.  It was, in fact, transformed from cluttered and unattractive to inviting and lovely, and her staging efforts demonstrated the potential of every room.  These are tough times to sell homes, but Debbie immensely increased the potential to sell my client’s home quickly and at a higher price than my client might otherwise receive.  I highly recommend Debbie Campbell and Stage 2 Smile without reservation to everyone who wants to sell a home. – Deborah Oehlschlaeger