droppedImageStage 2 Smile, LLC is owned and operated by Debbie Campbell.  Debbie grew up in Blacksburg, Virginia and has lived in Montgomery County most of her life.  She is a creative person and has always loved redesigning and redecorating homes.    Debbie has been doing home “makeovers” as a hobby for years while working as a Guidance Counselor in the New River Valley.  In 2012, Debbie decided to transition into home staging full-time by starting a home staging and redesign business.

Debbie is a Certified Staging Expert (C.S.E.) having graduated from the Home Staging Institute in Portland, Oregon.

Debbie is a “down to earth” person possessing a good eye and good taste and she knows what has mass appeal.  Home Staging allows Debbie to work directly with people and help them achieve their goal of selling their house quickly and for top dollar.  Since staged homes sell faster and for more money, it only makes sense to hire Debbie Campbell with Stage 2 Smile, LLC.